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Meet The Team



CEO Pet Stylist


"Animals have always been my passion and not many people can say that they are living their child-hood dream, doing what they love.. but I'm lucky enough to be one of the few. I love being creative, keeping the pets comfortable and putting smiles on owners faces at 'pick-up'. But with that being said I will not push for a perfect haircut if it means making the animal uncomfortable and that's something I instill in my mentees. I believe the next generation is so precious and to be able to help them find a career path they connect with animals and humans- its just priceless." 

After high-school, I attended SUNY Cobleskill and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science with a Concentration in Canine Studies in 2014. Upon graduating, I attended the American Academy of Pet Grooming and became a certified Pet Groomer. In the fall of 2017, with the support of my husband and family we opened up BYOP Grooming.

There is always room for learning and growth within any profession. Throughout the years, I have attended many continuing education courses and always encourage my staff to attend with me so we can learn together.

Our Story

Noones ready or looking at the camera bu

Bring your Own Pet Grooming started as a dream and in the fall of 2017 it became a reality. Grooming is an essential part of everyones health, animals and humans! Our goal is to make sure we take care of peoples pets like they are Our own. 

We strive for picture perfect hair cuts and happy pets leaving Our salon, but if we can not do both and one has to be forgotten- Our main goal is a happy pet! We want Our clients to have a positive experience at the salon and learn to get used to the grooming process. Grooming will be a part of their lives forever to maintain their health and thats why it is so important that a good relationship is built between Our pet clients and Our staff.

BYOP wouldn't be here without Love of Family...

Our Grooming Shop grew out of our love for all animals. We understand the special bond between pets and their owners, and we want to encourage that bond through each and every visit.
Our family has been built on animal love. My husband and I met at SUNY Cobleskill, where I graduated with a Bachelors in Animal Science with a concentration in Canine Studies. Our relationship grew out of love for my (now our) animals. Even on the coldest days we brought them for hikes in the trails and fetch in the fields. 
Pet ownership is a rewarding responsibility, and with this in mind we continue to make sure that everyone who comes to us understands the obligations and products required to keep a happy and healthy pet.

Well.. Say Hello to the New Hoffmann Fam
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Pet Stylist

       "tHE DoOdle APpreNTAce"
"Being a groomer was never something I planned on doing but it’s not something I regret. The idea of being able to turn the dogs into “the pinterest picture” is so exciting- and than the smiles and excitement from owners when their dogs come running out at pick up with their colorful bandanas is so amazing. Thanks to my coworkers at BYOP I am able to be apart of something so great."



Pet Stylist 



Pet Stylist

       "THe JaCK Of aLL TRAdeS"
"I have 10+ years experience with grooming. From the time I was born I always had a special connection with animals. Grooming isn't just about cutting dogs hair, it is about getting to know your pets personality and growing a relationship with the pet parent. Quality grooming is always a priority but getting to bond with you pet is too. I groom dogs of all shapes, sizes, temperaments, and cats too!! Grooming is my life calling and I can not see myself doing anything else with my life."

"THe NeWBEe"

“I have always been around animals my entire life from pets, to volunteering at shelters and my connection with animals always was strong. I always wanted to make my career animal based. I am still in training to be a pet stylist, I have been in the dog industry for years. I started off as a bather for a groomer and fell in love with the trade. Since then I came to BYOP and have been gaining more responsibilities in regards to the grooming process. I even went to my first grooming seminar because of BYOP, where I became certified in many different areas of grooming. I'm not as fast as the seasoned groomers but I can promise you a beautiful groom at the end of your pup's visit!”

kelly pug.jpeg


Pet Stylist


“I’ve been grooming with BYOP for almost three years. I knew I wanted to be able to groom the dogs that were scared and not so easy to groom. Luckily I found Sam, who has taught me everything I know. My favorite part of my job is seeing dogs that were so scared coming in, doing a little happy dance and giving lots of kisses once they’ve realized grooming can be a fun and enjoyable experience.”

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Pet Stylist Assistant

          "SweeTer ThAN SuGAR"
   "Words can't express my love for animals & that being said  there's no better place to work than at BYOP. I get to constantly hug and kiss all the fur babies that walk through the door. I enjoy making everyone feel welcomed and safe during their visit here.  I love seeing each and every dog/cat transformed into the best looking versions of themselves."

gold background .jpeg



          "nOT JUSt THe REcePtiON"
"I have always been an animal lover since I was young. I was working in an office job when my sister asked me to help bathe dogs at her salon.. Since then I was sold- I wanted to be a dog groomer! 15 years later I am now working at BYOP as a receptionist. With my years experience in grooming and learning about animals health, breeds, hair types I know I can clearly communicate with pet parents on how they would like their pets hair styled."

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